Audio recording my writing

The dream team. Reilly, me, Leah.

The dream team. Reilly, me, Leah.

This post goes to prove that getting things done over christmas break is possible.

Going back to Saskatchewan after being away for a good long time always brings surprises. I usually walk into my room and see gifts left on my bed from my mom who’s been collecting things for me from second-hand stores for months. You’re the best, mom. ❤

On the morning of January first, I combined forces with the lovely Leah Horlick and the handsome Reilly Forbes to have a poetry recording session at PAVED Arts of Saskatoon, SK. The best holiday treat ever.

Reilly was our sound engineer and working with him was magic. He’s got a smooth touch…with sound. I read my work first. IMG_0141
Thrilling times. I had no nerves until I took the first breath.”The Cathedrals” has an echo effect and the final lines, “After every regretful push. Tonight,/I am the one who knows you.” were, in two words, aural alchemy. Leah read second and listening to the fine quality of her deep, sensual voice was heaven. At the end, together, we recorded her piece “Welcome to all tourists and sportsmen”, from her book, Riot Lung.

I recorded the five poems that are appearing in Descant, issue 159, “A Winter’s Guide to Melancholia”:

  • “The Cathedrals”
  • “Bacchus’ Wedding Gift To Me”
  • “I meant to tell you the sewing dream”
  • “The Pomegranate’s Revenge”
  • “Divorce is a black”

The launch for issue 159 is next week, January 23rd, and details about it can be found here. Soon after the reading, I’ll launch one of these poems every couple of weeks.

If you want to hear more audio of Leah’s work, click here, and here, and here.

If you want to know more about Reilly’s recording work, click here.

I will be releasing these five recordings into the wild very soon, so stay tuned.


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