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Video: The Paper Hound Reading Series

This December, the great and magnanimous Kevin Spenst invited me to read at his series–The Paper Hound Reading Series–which touts this tagline: “Every Tuesday afternoon, the Paper Hound hosts Vancouver’s quickest and most eclectic reading series.” And it is quick. In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, glug a glass of wine, or put back a couple whiskey shots (preferable), a writer reads just enough for a small audience to savour a morsel of their work. Just ten minutes.

I read about five poems, and here you’ll find the video of the second entitled, “When you lose someone precious, inevitably”. The first and the last poems I read–“To Fell This Tree” and “On The Cliffs of Cattamount Butte”–are both new pieces. I was honoured by the presence of close friends at the reading. Thanks to everyone who came!



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